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Reebok released an Cheap Antonio McDyess Jersey animated advertising

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Twenty years have passed since the Philadelphia 76ers’ magical 2001 season, led by Allen Iverson at the peak of his basketball powers.

Sometimes lost in the NBA Finals appearance and Iverson’s league MVP honors that year is the dazzling comeback performance A.I. led Cheap Allen Iverson Jersey in the 2001 NBA All-Star Game.

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The game was played in Washington, D.C., way back when Kevin Garnett was on the Timberwolves and the former Seattle Supersonics were in their maroon jersey phase. Iverson, of course, played his college ball at Georgetown and grew up in the region, so he was right at home.

On Thursday, Reebok released an animated advertising campaign narrated by Iverson, who references the Eastern Conference’s Cheap Antonio McDyess Jersey 21-point comeback to win the game.

Down 95-74 with nine minutes left to play, Iverson and his teammates, including Stephon Marbury and Tracy McGrady, clawed back Custom Denver Nuggets Jerseys for a 111-110 victory. Iverson took home the All-Star MVP trophy, finishing with 25 points, five assists and four steals.

The ad, animated by artist Kellen Hatanaka, also features voices from Benny’s Club, a queer and BIPOC surf club based in New York City and Rockaway Beach. The campaign is for Reebok’s Question Mid ‘Why Not Us’ sneaker worn by Iverson in a black-toe model during the 2001 All-Star Game. The sneaker will be available on Reebok’s website and at select local retailers beginning March 19.

Back to the 2001 All-Star Game — you can watch the full game on YouTube, or check out some highlights in the video below. (Your mind might be blown by the memory of Denver Nuggets-era Antonio McDyess).

Compared to last weekend’s sloppy new-format All-Star Game, which was missing Sixers Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons due to COVID-19 contact tracing, the 2001 East-West battle was All-Star competition at its peak. And for Sixers fans, it’s another reminder of Iverson’s greatness that year.

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Former NBA basketball star Cheap Al Harrington Jersey has been relentlessly working in the community to foster awareness around social equity and provide initiatives for marginalized communities through his cannabis company VIOLA. Since the inception of COVID-19, the cannabis industry has quickly expanded; as vulnerable communities rush to find alternative methods to the disproportionate healthcare system, the cannabis industry has been a source of support. VIOLA launched a recent collaboration with AKOO Clothing, owned by rapper and entrepreneur Tip Harris, on April 20. Proceeds of the capsule’s launch have been donated to the Root and Rebound’s COVID-19 Relief effort, an initiative to give back to the families affected by incarceration and injustice.

VIOLA was created after Al’s grandmother was suffering from a long history of glaucoma and diabetes. During his contract to play for the Denver Nuggets, Al was immersed into a culture that was evolving quickly around him – the culture of cannabis for medicinal use. Before his introduction to the medicinal uses of cannabis the only knowledge Harrington possessed was of the stereotypes of marijuana and the harsh realities that affect Black Americans surrounding the plant. Time unfolded and he learned more about the benefits of cannabis, ultimately using his education to help his beloved grandmother. Upon her healing he became inspired to help others with similar medical issues and expand his reach into the Black community.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Cheap Al Smith Jersey was inducted to the Alabama Baseball Coaches Associaton Hall of Fame Friday night in Montgomery. Not only did he have success on the stat sheets, but he was well respected in the community, too.

The process of becoming a Hall Of Fame inductee can take years sometimes, and Smith’s son Frank says this year was finally the year. Huntsville Hall of Famer Marc Mincher, a former coach and player, nominated Smith.

Smith says a spot in the Hall of Fame would have been some thing that made him so happy, but he says his dad was so humble, that you would never know.

“I didn’t know much about my dad’s career, he didn’t talk about it, I had to find out about it in articles,” Smith said.

Smith coached football, basketball, and baseball all throughout Madison County. He started the first football program at Madison Academy and then started the first baseball program at Grissom High School.

Making Murray the centerpiece of the deal makes a lot of sense not just from a talent standpoint either. He makes $27 million a season and he’s under contract for five years, for the sake of both teams moving Murray is essential. The Rockets know they’ve got something to build around long term and the Nuggets shed their biggest contract to help take on Harden’s megadeal. Putting Murray’s contract into play means there are a lot more options when it comes to trade packages. Instead of trying to cobble together every tradeable contract they have just to meet Harden’s contract, the Nuggets would have the option to pursue package deals like adding P.J. Tucker or Danuel House to the trade.

Is it worth it? That’s no doubt the question Tim Connelly is considering right now. Murray is at an all time high in his development. He is coming off the best basketball of his career on the biggest stage. Connelly has to decide if he thinks Murray will continue to grow and continue to show the consistency he had in the playoffs that otherwise has been lacking so far in his career. Whether or not Murray can average twenty-five points a game for more than a few weeks in Orlando is at the crux of this decision, Harden undoubtedly can. If Murray can reach that type of level it’s hard to walk away from that when he’s only twenty-three years old. The Nuggets could be sitting on a dynasty right now and they might not have to do a thing except let it grow organically.

On the other hand, Murray’s trade value is also at an all time high right now. His performance in the playoffs vaulted him to a top 20 player in the league if you’re going off of ESPN’s player rankings. He was considered to be the player who did the most for his stock in the bubble and questions about whether or not his contract would end up being a regret seemed to be all but silenced. Trade value is a very fickle thing in the NBA though. Any number of things can derail a players trade value quickly. If Denver isn’t willing to part with Murray in a Harden deal they run the risk of Murray never becoming what Harden already is and missing out on what might be the best opportunity they’ve ever had at winning a championship. It’s no easy decision, but it seems unlikely that a Nuggets trade for Harden happens without Murray going to Houston.

The James Harden conundrum

Trading for an aging superstar to pair with your just entering his prime superstar and metaphorically pushing your chips to the middle of the table isn’t something new to the Nuggets. Many probably thought Denver was on the cusp of making the NBA finals when they acquired Cheap Allen Iverson Jersey  to pair with Cheap Carmelo Anthony Jersey (Stephen A. Smith certainly did). Though Iverson was older, he represented the best player outside of Melo to wear a Nuggets uniform since Cheap Alex English Jersey and at the time he was traded he was the second leading scorer in the NBA, right behind Melo. It didn’t work out how Denver hoped though. AI didn’t result in any more playoff success for the team and quickly declined into retirement after wearing a couple more uniforms.

The Nuggets have to be cautious that they could have the same results with Harden, particularly if surrendering Murray and potentially even Cheap Michael Porter Jersey is what it takes to get him. For starters he’s thirty-one years old, same age as Iverson was when the Nuggets traded for him. Harden hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down and his game is less predicated on quickness like AI’s was, but make no mistake his time to slow down is coming and it could potentially be right around the corner. When Murray is hitting his prime, Harden will be entering his golden years, if he’s in the league at all.

If you take age out of the equation there is still a question of fit, both on the court and in the locker room. Harden is a player who dominates the basketball, Houston ran everything through him. You don’t average nearly thirty points and eight assists a night without getting the ball in your hands pretty much every single time down. The Nuggets however already have a guy they get the ball into his hands every single time down in Cheap Nikola Jokic Jersey. While they can find enough plays for both Harden and Jokic, it means changing the way they run their offense and it means asking both Jokic and Harden to change the way they’ve been playing and there’s no guarantee it will be a change for the better.

There’s the question about how a Harden trade would effect the locker room as well. It’s not going to just be Murray who gets traded in a deal like this. It’s going to be him plus Harris or Barton plus other guys on top of that. It’s important to remember these guys are people, that type of shakeup will be unsettling. Friends move away, co-workers roles suddenly have to be filled, it changes things. A young roster like the Nuggets might not deal with that as well as others. Yes, they’re incredibly resilient, but it might be the bond they have with one another that is a direct reason for their resiliency. Murray is 100% bought in to what the Nuggets are doing, who’s to say Harden will be? Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Harden’s gone through his fair share of running mates that ended with ugly divorces. You can’t put that all on Harden to be sure, but you can’t also say he’s completely innocent either. The only reason the Nuggets are even entertaining this idea is because Harden is locked down for the next three years but can they be confident they can keep him happy over even that period of time? Are they sure the guy who’s most recently been known for skipping out on the first days of camp while being spotted maskless partying in Las Vegas is right for their culture?

Whether it’s the players they’d have to give up, or the guy coming in, there’s a lot of questions surrounding any potential James Harden to Denver deal. What’s undeniable is the talent, both in terms of what the Nuggets would have to give up in addition to what they would receive. It’s going to ultimately be up to Tim Connelly to decide what he’s willing to pay for a player of Harden’s caliber and whether or not the juice is worth the squeeze. One thing’s for sure though, the Nuggets will continue to be a team who hovers around these types of opportunities.